November 29, 2011

Billie's Journal - New look, new run, old enemies

Seattle, 12 December 2050

I wake to an empty garage. The Padre moved back into his parish after our last run, although there are still a few boxes of gear in his room. Zero had other plans with the barmaid and seems like Finlay did a lot more than just escort them home.

I'm feeling a little dehydrated but not too hung over. Now that I know my nightmares are fragments of memories from before, I don't need to drink myself to sleep and am actually up and about in the morning. I recover over soykaf then work out for a bit before taking a long shower.

Around noon, I call Finlay to find out where the hell they are and Zero answers his phone. Well guess that clears up what happened to him last night. Hope that don't screw things up for the team. He already treated the girl like his kid. What's he gonna be like now he's screwing her.

I get dressed in the new gear. I still don't feel completely comfortable in it. It's just not me, but it's still better than getting bushwacked by a bunch of yaks every time I stick my nose out the door. The meet's at the fragging airport, so not a good idea to go armed. Just hope that the Johnson's smoothed things with security or my arm's gonna be a problem.

Finlay and Zero finally turn up, one sheepish and one smug. Guess which is which. They get dressed up like they're going to a corp meeting. I ask if I need to change, but Zero just grins and says I can be Finlay's rebellious daughter for today. I think I can handle that, I'm certainly feeling rebellious enough.

Finlay books a limo to get us to the airport. Seems a bit over the top, but I'm not exactly used to blending in so I go along with it. The injun doctor is waiting for us there. He tags along while I squirm under the gaze of the airport security.

Luckily it turns out the Johnson knows quite a bit about us already. Security snap a restraint on my arm preventing the use of the concealed handblade, while I chew gum and give them the finger.

We are escorted out to a hangar where a slick private jet is waiting for us and climb aboard. A voice comes over the intercom asking us to buckle up. Seems our host wants to keep this meet very private. At 10,000 ft, Mr J joins us. He old but in good shape, with a little help from cosmetic surgery by the looks of it.

He offers us drinks and even has a selection of single malts on his fancy plane. I am impressed as I guess was intended. We talk around the run for a while before getting down to details. His client wants us to steal a fragging plant from some plantation in the middle of fragging Amazonia. Some people have more money than sense. While the rest of us will do just about anything for the right price.

He does front a sizeable chunk of cred for expenses, so I'm cool while Zero is already bitching about having to traipse through 2500 klicks of jungle. I'm not too worried about getting in, but our way out is the plantation's only plane so we are gonna need a pilot. Sheer luck might have got us out of Germany in a chopper but I aint too keen to rely on luck again.

Back on the ground my phone beeps, twice. Not many people got this number. It's the padre and he sounds worried. I am just about to tell the others I think he is in some sort of trouble when Finlay gestures to the limo's built in trid player. Frag, someone blew up the mission. Reports are confused as to whether the padre was even there. Not surprising as half his congregation were chipheads and druggies.

I listen to the second message. It's the padre again. Something about leaving something for me in a safety deposit box. Details and power of attorney are attached to the message. Finlay wants to check out the mission, so I get them to drop me off at the bank while Zero and the injun go off to review the data for the run.

I get the same stares from the bank staff as I did at the airport. Maybe this new look is still too much. Need to tone it down. I chew gum loudly and blow bubbles while the bank takes its time checking my SIN. It's fake of course, Annie Oakley this time but should be good enough to fool these schmucks. Hmm, I need to lose the cowboy references there too.

I finally get access to the box. All that's in it is a flask that's cold to the touch. I unscrew the top and icy smoke billows out. Liquid nitrogen? What the frag is in there? I get out of there quick and the bank staff seem only to happy to see me go. Definitely need a less conspicuous look.

Finlay confirms that the padre is dead. The attack has Terra First written all over it. Looks like we might need to deal with them before this run. Hope whatever is in the flask will lead us to them. Zero calls and tells me to get over to Seaside's. They hope to get his medical gear up and running so we can analyze the flask's contents.