December 30, 2009

Rant: iTunes vouchers

First of all a big thanks to Apple for giving me the subject of my first rant. Added points for giving me something to blog about this week. Now on to the rant itself.

I bought an iTunes voucher for my son-in-law for Christmas. Good idea I hear you all say. However, I live in Belgium (as you may have noticed) and my son-in-law lives in the UK. Oh dear!

Now I understand that iTunes have probably had to bend over and take one from behind from the entertainment industry just to be able to sell stuff online. So I can accept that they have to split there service into different regions. But surely they can work out how to do a simple currency conversion.

Not so apparently. My Belgium iTunes voucher cannot be redeemed on a UK account. It's just money Apple. Don't you want my money? Well I guess you got it anyway.

It's not like my son-in-law is trying to watch or listen to any Belgian only content, not that there is anything worth downloading from the Belgium store anyway. So my dear wife gets an extra xmas present and I have to go out in the rain and cold to get some real cash money to give my to son-in-law instead of the voucher.

So Apple, sort this out. I will certainly not be buying anymore vouchers and in fact will not be spending any more money in the iTunes store until you fix this. Mind you, I guess you don't particularly care about us Europeans and are happy to keep screwing us over with content restrictions and higher prices as long as we are daft enough to keep paying.

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