August 29, 2010

Billie's Journal - Aurora's message

Hello Billy,

The tripswitch I left on the tracer paid off. Your hunch was right. Someone did run a check on Seattle Children's Hospital's records. And whoever was doing the sniffing was good. He found the trace and report, tripped it on purpose and then waited around to see if anyone would come to have a look...cocky bastard. I watched the whole scene unfold in stealth mode. The decker that showed up was good, but the snooper was better.

I only realised the 'snooper' had mirrored himself when the new arrival tried to ambush and crash him, only to find too late that he shredded a decoy while leaving himself open to a counterattack. It was over really before it began. The snooper crashed our guy and then went and checked where his signal came from.

I waited for a short while and then went and checked myself.

Anyway, the guy that was paid to keep an eye on the hospital files is Yoshi Takemura aka 'the green ronin'. He's a cocky and elitist SOB. He calls himself an 'independent' data specialist but almost all his work involves the Yakuza.

The address the hack originated from is Pacific Heights Road N° 22 in Bellevue. Posh condoplex in a real nice neighbourhood. Top notch security. Also, Bellevue is a stronghold for the Yakuza.

I figured your case wouldn't be unique, so I also ran a few pattern recognition and data mining programs on the hospital records looking for data gaps. I found quite a few. Looks like the hospital's got some skin traders inside. Unfortunately no name to link the gaps together, but when I ran a search and analysis on a couple of variables such as accidents and patients brought into Seattle's Childrens and crosslinked that to records of missing girls around the suspected year of your abduction, I came up with a long list of girls that vanished without a trace.

Details on each of the girls are in the attached files. I also attached the search parameters I used in case your decker friend wants to do some further snooping, but one case is interesting: Felicity Berman, daughter of then Senator of NY Eckhart Berman. The case raised a pretty big stink when it broke, because Lone Star completely bungled it. When the father got a court order to have the case transferred to the FBI, LS had to admit they had lost all forensic material which could have led an FBI mage to the girl. There were strong suspicions at the time that LS bungled the case deliberately because the Senator was one of the people that got LS taken off the NY city contract.

The girl disappeared about 9 months before we got you out, while she was visiting Seattle. She was involved in a minor traffic accident and taken to...drum roll: Seattle's Children. After that nothing. Once the Feds got involved they checked what they could, but there were no records of her in the hospital's system, no sighitng of her on sec camera's and the pediatrician on duty at the emergeny ward when she would have been brought in swore he'd never even seen the girl.

A couple of possible sources worth checking further are LS's databases, but good luck with that. Hospital staff records of the last 6 years may be interesting as well - amazing how easy those were to access and copy. Privacy just ain't what it used to be ;).

Good luck hunting.


Attached files:
Dora Craig, elf
Flower Tuci, elf
Esmeralda Bennet, elf
Wilhelmina McCullough, elf [this girl looks a bit like you]
Jane Summers, human
Felicity Berman, human [the senator's daughter]
Jade Goodall, human
Yuan Yi, human, chinese
Mai Ling, human, chinese
Myatsuko Yoko, human, japanese
Iris [no family name], elf
Finella Laurelin, tir tairngire citizen
Mira Wallcot, elf
Jain Zar, elf
Leila Haraldson, elf
Star Haraldson, elf [Leila and Star are twins]
Torrun Hallmaren, elf
Maria Hindmarsh, elf
Search algorithms
Personnel records [folder]
Berman case articles [folder]

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